Changing Hydrangeas

June is also the month the Hydrangeas bloom in North Carolina.

I have three types which have different bloom configurations.

Big-leaf/panicle Hydrangeas have pom-pom blooms.

My ‘Glory Blue’ has never been true blue no matter what I do.

My lacecap with variegated leaves is true blue,

unless it is purple…

or even pink!

Do not bother lecturing me on soil pH or hybridization.

The rules get broken here. I am puzzled by my hydrangeas.

Except for the Oakleaf Hydrangea, which I can always count on to be white…

until it turns pink.

Hi Ho Hydrangeas!


6 thoughts on “Changing Hydrangeas

  1. I love them. I was able to enjoy my very first one by keeping it in a large planter. The blooms gradually turned green but it is healthy and beautiful.

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