Fake Coyotes

My neighbors do not like wildlife.

They really hate Canada geese and their babies.

So in addition to caution tape and reflectors along their shoreline,

They have added two fake/dead/stuffed coyotes from McNeely Pest Control.

We have real coyotes here, so I am excited to see how this turns out. I may have to get out the Critter Cam.

Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “Fake Coyotes

      1. i’ve resumed blogging the last 2 weeks, you should be getting my posts. My mom in law passed away suddenly back in March back in Kenya, we were close and hoping to see her this summer. Between COVID and losing her I was in a funk. But resumed posting around Mother’s Day. You may have to sign up again I think.

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      1. Haven’t seen any. Most people aren’t too upset by the coyotes or get them trapped and relocated. We live near a 7 mile preserve so all sorts of animals pass through. We enjoy it. My dogs are terrified by the bobcats and coyotes and won’t go out if they are nearby. Probably a healthy decision.

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