Three Clowns and an Apple Blossom

May is definitely circus month for my Amaryllis.

The clowns are putting on their biggest show ever.

Monte Carlo has on its brightest red and white costume. Pink Surprise is pretty in flashy pink. Apple Blossom is the rice between spice.

Minerva has formed a crowd above the stone wall.

Minerva amaryllis

Charisma has toned down the contrast of its costume with a blending of pigments.

Charisma amaryllis

Monte Carlo refuses to blend in with the surroundings.

Monte Carlo amaryllis

Apple Blossom has too much dignity to clown around and show off.

Apple Blossom amaryllis

I consider it the amaryllis for all locations.

I love each amaryllis for its own character.

Stay tuned. There are more beside the pond surrounded by ferns.

The show will go on!


15 thoughts on “Three Clowns and an Apple Blossom

  1. Gorgeous! What is your method with these plants? They bloom inside around Christmastime, right? Do you plant them outside after they’ve died down and rested, or in spring when they’ve grown out leaves? So they bloom twice a year? It would be great if you could write a post on how you manage to achieve this!


    1. After their first holiday, I plant them outside in the spring. They stay in the garden after that. Full sun, good drainage, lava rock nest. They bloom only once each year. Search Amaryllis on my blog site. I have instructions there.
      Thanks Audrey

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