There is no finer flower than a double peony.

The singles may produce many more blooms,

Krinkled White peony

but every double bloom is a delight.

Duchess de Nemours

The blooms need to be supported, especially during rains.

They are worth all the work.

I love everything about every one.

Karl Rosenfield peony

My favorite blooms late so you will have to wait for her.

She demands her own grand entrance, just like the famous actress she is named for.


5 thoughts on “Elegance

  1. I totally agree. My Mom had an all-white wedding in southern Wisconsin mid-June in 1943. She had planned to use her mother’s all white double peonies, but record hi temperatures caused the peonies to mature early. Grandma drove her from house to house asking residents of her small town if they could pick their remaining blossoms on the day before her wedding. Her freshly applied nail polish melted in the heat! I still have some of her peonies, which originally came from my Grandma, and my son and his wife used them for their June wedding several yrs ago. Very special indeed.


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