The Covid Thong

I wasn’t expecting witness pandemic porn on my outing to buy mask materials.

I was innocently looking at sturdy 100% cotton cloth, when I noticed another customer chatting it up with the employee who cuts the fabrics.

The employee’s face was my first clue that something was amiss.

The older, hefty customer was buying a lot of lace and tulle’.

I had to do a triple take after glancing at her face.

Where there should have been a full coverage mask was a tiny patch of black lace.

Her nose played peek-a-boo as the air from her nostrils blew the lace up and down.

I felt as though she had exposed herself right there in that store that plays Christian music.

Her husband silently stood by her side in his whitey-tighty mask.

I couldn’t just whip out my camera, so I tried to discreetly peek from behind a 30% Off sale sign.

I wanted to remember every detail so I could draw one when I got home.

I tore this photo from a magazine. NOT the actual thong wearer. (Sorry lady)

No! I will not be making Covid thongs to give away.

Maybe someone will pass along the idea to Victoria’s Secret. They are experts at making things that don’t cover what they are supposed to.

Maybe that woman was Victoria? She was buying quite a quantity of lace!


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