Sewing Instead of Sowing

I hope you have noticed my absence as The Flower.

I have been dealing with the pandemic in my own way.

Since proper PPE has been so hard to procure,

I have been manufacturing it in my basement.

I have my own cold little “sweatshop” which I call Purgatory.

I have been making masks and sending them where I think they are needed.

I have designed them to be comfortable and beautiful.

I am trying to curb the culling of Covid-19.

This is what I am doing instead of being an epidemiologist.

Flow…biologist turned seamstress.

Who knew? Nobody. That’s for sure.


9 thoughts on “Sewing Instead of Sowing

  1. Good for you! I just wish I could find a mask that doesn’t make my glasses fog. I’ve tried everything: something flexible to go over the nose, pulling down the mask below the glasses rim, pulling it above the glasses rim. Argh! I’m now double masking, so that makes it even more fun! Still, it’s important to do, so I will continue.


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