Watching the Water

I live on what used to be the Catawba River.

A power company has built dams to form a series of lakes.

The water at my location still moves like a river and has not changed much in hundreds of years.

I can tell where the original river ran by how the water moves.

We are experiencing flooding right now.

The lake above us is over full. Water has risen and pulled out debris from its shores.

This debris is coming over the dam at the present time.

I have been sitting in my chair at the windows watching the water move.

I am in awe of its power to move heavy things.

Its flow is fast. Things are being propelled like a fast moving parade.

I love water. I respect it, but I do not fear it.

I will be here most of the morning.

Watching nature’s power.


7 thoughts on “Watching the Water

  1. I also live near a river with a dammed lake to provide drinking water. During Hurricane Harvey, the lake went over its banks and flooded our community including the across the street neighbors’ backyards. It looks like you are high above the lake. I hope you and your community will stay safe.

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