Tattered but Still Standing

When is a banana tree like a palm tree?

After hurricane winds.

Zeta was amazing yesterday. I will not share all the mess that must be cleaned up.

Instead, I will share how nature survives by design.

Banana trees have huge leaves and no trunks.

They are held up by water pressure in the non-woody stems.

During storms the big leaves tatter along the veins to let the wind pass through.

Zeta tattered the banana leaves until they look more like palm fronds.

Sometimes to survive the big hits you have make some concessions.

Better tattered and standing than lying on the ground.

I need to remember this lesson from my Mother Nature.


4 thoughts on “Tattered but Still Standing

  1. I have a friend who was heading to NOLA this weekend to join her cousins for the annual grave-cleaning. They called and said, “Never mind. We’ll do it later.” They still didn’t have power, and right now there’s no way to get to the cemetery. As for the lesson: you betcha. You surely remember this. There’s wisdom in Tanya’s song, too.

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