Rumple Rowe

I name parts of my garden. It helps me keep my work organized.

Here is Rumple Rowe. It is named for my friends who gave me these daylilies.


Excuse the poles and fence rings. That is my deer deterrent method.

I lowered the rings for the photo shoot.

They are usually hung on the poles around the blooms.

The deer have not been much of a problem this year…yet.

These six daylilies are extremely special to me because I picked them from hundreds of daylilies when Rumple and Rowe had a daylily farm.

They gave me these six favorites. I love each one. Each makes me pause.

Enjoy my Rumple Rowe.

Nutmeg Spice daylily
Peacock Alley Daylily
Moonlit Masquerade daylily
Daring Deception daylily
Dixie Boy daylily
South Seas daylily

South Seas is on the end of the row and glows whether the sun is out or not.


This Rumple Rowe has given me joy.

So have my friendships with the Rumple and the Rowe.





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