Your Poison Spreads

It started with bird seed. You wanted to watch the pretty birds.

All that extra food attracted a raccoon, a ground hog and a chipmunk.

All three uninvited guests feasted, grew fat and multiplied.

Now the raccoon family needs to eat my trash.

One of the ground hogs wants to nest in my seawall.

There are chipmunks digging tunnels everywhere. ( I love my tiny friends, holes and all.)

Then came the feral cat to eat the chipmunks that ate the birdseed.

You did not want all these uninvited guests, only the pretty birds,

so you put out poison.

Some of the chipmunks ate the poison which made them thirsty

so they came and drowned in my fish ponds.

I check the ponds each morning so our koi won’t get poisoned as well.

NOW something big is dead under YOUR pier.

Did the cat eat a chipmunk that ate your poison?

What got thirsty after your poison and went under there to drink and die?

Is it one of your ground hogs or raccoons?

Is it you?

It’s okay. The black angels of death are here to clean up your mess.

These birds aren’t so pretty.

Where will your poison go now?

Furious FLOW


7 thoughts on “Your Poison Spreads

  1. Hate that I had to click ‘like’ to be able to comment. This is certainly not behavior I like. In fact, I stopped feeding the birds because it attracted rats. Yikes! Sorry your neighbor did that to you and to all the other critters. Everything we do has consequences, and yet we forget. Or aren’t aware enough to realize.

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