Tricky Ricky

I have always welcomed wildlife to my yard.

It belonged to nature long before it belonged to me.

But I am being tested by a young raccoon.

The problems started months ago when my planter box became a latrine.

I fixed that problem with ammonia soaked rags.

The latrine moved around the corner to in front of the kitchen door.

I fenced off the entrance to the deck so that nothing can enter. (including me)

Then the raccoon fell through the roof of the bunny pen and broke out through the gate. Both had to be repaired.

Now it climbs my vines and poops in front of the library door


after raiding and ruining my trash cans.


I have had enough of Tricky Ricky.

I hope his future involves a trap instead of a gun.

Sometimes nurturing nature bites.

I cannot allow raccoon destruction and diseases to enter my environment.

Game Warden Flow

6 thoughts on “Tricky Ricky

  1. I hear you. We keep our garbage cans in the garage now and composting has no kitchen scraps. I have to take feeders down at night and my current raccoon likes to poop outside my bedroom window. It patrols all of the porches at night.

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  2. Sounds like a regular devil! Do you use a Hav-a-hart trap? We resort to them with ‘problem’ visitors. Unfortunately, they don’t make one big enough for deer! 😉


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