Who Will We Be?

Tough times are coming for my sweet family.

Inevitable changes are seeping into our lives.

We have fought the good fight. We have done our best.

Every person has his own portion of time.

My daddy’s is ending in his eighty-eighth year here.

I am coming undone at the thought of it.

We have always been we.

My daddy, my mama, my sister and me.

Who will we be?

Daddy's Garden 086
Sisters, two peas

He taught me to tie a figure eight knot this week.

I have been tying granny knots my whole life.

“A figure-eight doesn’t come loose like a granny.” daddy says.

Maybe I need to tie a big figure-eight knot around myself.

Maybe I should tie myself to a tomato stake too; so I won’t blow over or break down.

He has been busy building his planes and directing garden maintenance from his chair.

Those planes, that chair, the shop, the garden, the mountains.

He is everywhere. I cannot imagine him not being there.

Who will we be, we three?

I do not want to know, but we shall see.

Daddy's Garden 076
Mama and Daddy

Scared Flower

28 thoughts on “Who Will We Be?

  1. I lost my father more than 30 years ago, and I miss him more than I did then. On the other hand, while he’s gone, I often feel as though he isn’t, and I feel as though I know him better now than I did when he was with us. Things will change, but not everything will be bad.

    That American Gothic-style photo is just marvelous. What a treasure for you to cherish.


  2. I wish you love and comfort and most of all, family. My Dad is dearly missed even though he left us 50 yrs ago, unexpectedly and much too early. I love how I can see him peaking out in a poem or song he loved, a project he crafted. Then there he is in a phrase quipped by my brother, who was so young at the time that he can’t figure out why he reminds me of Dad. I see him in actions and quirks, humor and stories of my other siblings. Lately even a photo or a trait or a laugh from his grandchildren who never met him, takes my breath away, he’s there!
    The gift of these precious discoveries is that eventually, with your family and loved ones, these memories you share will not be so painful. They will be bring comfort. Hold your memories and your family close. ♥️

    I love the Peas in the Pod and the American Gothic photos. Take care of you, Flo. 🌸

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    1. I have been an angry bear. Trying to fight cancer can be like trying to move a wall all alone. I have been pushing and pushing and losing.
      Now we can just handle what comes. I can quit fighting, because he has quit fighting. He said it was going to be a good day just now when I called him.


      1. Those were my exact words to my Daddy the night before he left us. I’m not ready to lose you. His response was, I know Tink (he called me Tinkerbell) you can’t lose me. I will always be with you. I love your sweet Daddy and my heart is breaking for you guys.


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