The Pandemic Pall

The Pandemic Pall has covered us all,

yet the birds still fly in the clear blue sky.

The Pandemic Pall has us filled with gloom,

yet the birds still sing sweetly in the trees.

The Pandemic Pall is creating darkness,

yet the Bluebird still shines bright in the golden sun.

The Pandemic Pall makes us think of death,

yet the birds build their nests to raise their young.

The Pandemic Pall has NOT covered the entire Earth.

It has covered only us humans. (I wish I was a bird!)

It will be removed one day.

When we emerge from underneath this overspread,

Will our new normal be more respectful of the Nature we have previously plundered?

Will we help our hungry brothers and sisters in poverty,

so they do not have to hunt and kill their wild food from the forest?

Will we value the workers who were kept on the job while we stayed safe at home?

Will we have learned the lessons this virus is teaching us?

Our poisons spread to Nature and we spread Nature’s poisons.

We are ALL connected.


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