Worm? Snake? Worm Snake?

I am always careful when I use a shovel.

I have friends in low places.

I dug up this little critter while planting my amaryllis bulbs out in the garden.


Too big for a worm .   Tiny eyes, gray back, pink belly and a sharp tail.


It is a worm snake, Carphophis amoenus.

Its name does not come from looking like a worm.

It comes from the fact that it eats worms.

It did not like the sunshine and kept hiding its head in my fingers.


It finally calmed down and posed for some photos.

I was amazed when it swung its head around and looked me in the eye.

Careful with those shovels. You never know who you will meet underground.



8 thoughts on “Worm? Snake? Worm Snake?

  1. It’s cute! Friends in low places – that’s great. I am awful at gardening flowers and food. I am slowed down because I try to not disrupt wormy and roley poley bug families or whatever. Then also, I am apologizing nearly every time I yank a weed or unwanted plant, like they’re a chlorophyll angel and I’m murdering them. Life might be easier if I didn’t care so stupid much. : )

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