Amaryllis Outside

I hope you did not toss that big bulb that bloomed over the holidays.

Here in the south, we can grow them in the garden.

I try several new varieties each Christmas.

Some have disappeared over the years.

I have wondered whether they were eaten or rotted.

I have found a solution that works for either problem.

I call it a “Rock Nest.”


Here I have used some lava rock. You can use any rocks or broken pots or bricks.

The point is to surround the bulb with material to help with drainage

and to protect it from digging critters that snack on our bulbs,

I also amend the soil because we have quite a bit of red clay here.

Be sure to mark your bulbs.


Also, take note of the height. Pink Surprise is tall and goes in the back of the bed.


Moon Scene was short so it goes in the front.


They like sun and warmth.

Don’t toss that bulb! Plant it outside.



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