My Morning Walks

I take a cup of coffee out onto the deck each morning to walk and think.

I stroll back and forth clearing my mind and planning my tasks for the day.

Flame azalea, Irises = Night Affair and Shipshape

Sometimes it ends up being more like pacing. Back and forth, over and over.

My cup empty, shivering in my pajamas, chilled.

Single Peony

There are concerns. There are worries. I try to get these out of the way.

I took my camera on my walk today, so you could see what I see this spring morning.

I am surrounded by all this beauty.

Krinkled White Peony

You are gardeners. You see the evidence of years of work.

This has been my oasis and my prison.


I am still busy and useful and needed, but…

It seems so froufrou to be posting flowers during a pandemic.

Fallopia ‘Varigata’ Persicaria Reynoutria(in a pot), NEVER PLANT THIS IN THE GROUND

That’s why I stopped blogging for a bit.

I was ashamed.  I was unnecessary.

But I was told that my posts were missed and my blog was needed.

So forgive my frivolous folly.


I cannot save lives like my medical friends, but I can grow flowers.

I can share beauty.

I am not what I wanted to be, but this is me.



Love Flower


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