A Visit from my Gran

I have had some consolation in my isolation.

I have been determined to make masks for my family.

I got my supplies ready only to discover my sewing machine was broken.

I mentioned this to my dad yesterday. He said he had one in his shop.

We pulled out an old dusty case from under a workbench.

This morning I opened it to find a treasure beyond measure.


My Gran’s machine is darling. I squealed with glee for the first time in weeks.


My great grandmother taught me how to sew when I was young.


We cut patterns out of newspaper and made doll clothes.

I sat there delicately touching the machine and feeling connected to these two women.

They lived through plague and wars. They supported their families. They managed.

So I will be sewing with my Gran and my great grandmother for a bit.

I don’t feel so alone now. They are with me. I have the skills they taught me.

I am grateful for the past coming for a visit during this tumultuous present.

What a gift!


13 thoughts on “A Visit from my Gran

  1. That’s so sweet and I understand how you feel exactly. In the midst of making masks, my 50 year old sewing machine broke. When I am able to go out again, I will take it for repair. In the meantime, my brother-in-law told me I could come over and get my sister’s sewing machine. (She died six years ago and I still miss her.) When I got it to my house, I touched it and thought about her touching it too. So she was the last one who used it and now I am entrusted with it. He told me he had been trying to sell it but I should take it home and make sure it still worked. It does so I will be pay him for it so I can keep it. Even if I can get mine repaired, I can always use a back-up sewing machine. And every time I use it, I will remember my sister, Harriet.


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