Dear Followers

I will not be posting for a while.  I do not want you to be concerned.

I have other necessary tasks at hand.

I want you to know how important you have been to me these past years.

There is a reason for my garden. It came from pain.

My home has been a beautiful prison. My daughter’s epilepsy was its bars.

She is seizure-free now, but damage was done to us both.

I grew where I was planted. I had a secret garden that no one could see.

We live among woods, down a long drive, inside a gate along a river.

I shared my garden as the Flower with all of you so someone else could enjoy it.

My connection with nature always gets me through hardships. It will again now.

I will NOT be watching the television. I know what is going to happen.

My dream was to be a disease cowboy like Joe McCormick.

I have spent years studying diseases.

I was almost killed by my Smallpox vaccine as a baby. Vaccines were different in 1962.

Serum (IgGs/IgIV) from the Red Cross saved me. My dad tells the story often.

I wanted to go out in the world and save strangers from transmittable diseases.

Instead, I have been home saving my daughter from another type.

I will continue to find solace in my garden.

It is blooming profusely right now despite the weeds.

I WILL BE FINE. I know how to stay safe.

Take care of yourselves my precious followers. In a way, you saved me. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Dear Followers

  1. I wish you well, 🌸 Flower 🌺 and enjoy the hope that hides in the soil of the forests and gardens in Spring. I will miss your posts and will welcome their return.


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