Through the Roof

I have had to be away from home more than usual.

I spent months constructing a “Coyote Cage” inside the bunny pen so they would be safe.


I close it up at night when the bunnies go inside so that no wildlife can get in and poop.

I never leave out water or food.

When I escorted them out this morning, I noticed the fencing in the gate had been pushed out.


Something had been trapped in during the night and forced its way out.

It was either the stray cat that has been lurking about, or one of our raccoon neighbors.


I found where it had fallen through the roof.


Now I must shore up the roof and the gate before I leave today.

Barley’s bottom sticking out of a box.

Too much to do, too little time.

I’m about to go through the roof!


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