Scared of a Pencil

I am scared of a pencil… or maybe it is the paper.

I have wanted to do botanical sketching for years now.

I have pencils. I have sketch books.

I have props and prompts.

I cannot seem to get started.

I have even read books about sketching and online programs.

I am going to look at the books again.


and maybe doodle on the paper.

I may even color in a coloring book.

Maybe if I just sit around holding the pencil

something will happen.


16 thoughts on “Scared of a Pencil

  1. Loved this, as I love to draw and paint, You could carry on holding the pencil Flower.. BUT… at some point it needs to meet the Paper! šŸ˜‰
    So just trust yourself and do a few exercises and just copy those beautiful feathers for instance.. with light and shading..
    And once you start I bet you will not want to stop… ā¤ šŸ™‚

    Make 2020 the year to start.. ā¤ šŸŽØāœšŸ’š


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