The Magic Kiss

Just as I arrived for my shift at the rehab facility

a lovely vision appeared before me in the hallway.

Her hair was adorned with sparkling hearts.

Red tulle surrounded her lovely face.

Her whole being shimmered in the light.

Was I finally having that long-awaited breakdown?

No. It was Brandy the Marvelous Mini Horse.

She was there visiting the center to cheer up the patients.

I got down on one of my expensive knees for an up-close visit.


Brandy was dressed to the nines for Valentine’s.

She wore a heart-covered headband, glitter body spray and a tulle tutu collar

but practical red lace-up shoes.


She has horse sense. No high heels for this gal on the go.

As our visit ended, her handler asked if she could give me a kiss.

She nuzzled my hand with her muzzle, which made me coo.

Then it happened.

Her little head reached over and actually kissed me hand.

She actually kissed me!    I was so pleased by this.

Her owner said “Brandy doesn’t go around kissing everybody. She must like you.”

Brandy was there for the patients, but Flow needed to feel love

straight from the horse’s mouth.

Angels come in many forms. Sometimes “mini” forms.


If you know anyone who needs some equine affection, contact Kay Daughtry at or Appearance costs are donated.

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