Name this Angel

It’s been a tough winter so far.  I have not gotten to spend much time outside.

I walked around my yard today.  I took my camera, just in case.

I could not believe my eyes when I spotted this beauty.

What is it?  When did I plant it?

My records have turned up nothing. Could it be a Ziva in January?

Maybe it is an angel.

My angel would be a plant.

If you know its name, please let me know.

I will treasure it forever.

It brightened this day in a special way.


10 thoughts on “Name this Angel

  1. Scilla mischtschenkoana (syn. Scilla tubergeniana, Othocallis mischtschenkoana) is a diminutive species with an almost unpronounceable name native to the Caucuses. It is often found growing with Puschkinia, to which it bears a resemblance. The difference is that the filaments of Puschkinia are flattened and fused, while those of S. mischtschenkoana are independent of each other. S. mischtschenkoana blooms very early in the year, often in late February or March before many Narcissus have even broken ground. This species also often flowers before it is fully above ground, and often before the leaves emerge. The leaves are green and strap like, and unlike Puschkinia (whose leaves emerge curled in a cone shape) are not able to push through a leaf mulch if it is too thick. The selection Scilla mischtschenkoana ‘Tubergeniana’ is often incorrectly sold as “Scilla tubergeniana”. First two photos show flowers appearing before the leaves in the middle of February, 2015. Third photo shows a relatively later blooming individual blooming with the leaves min March, 2015. Fourth photo shows the leaves. Last photo taken in June of 2015 showing the bulb which still has roots. Photos by Travis Owen.

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    1. Whoa Dorthy Jane. Please come to my garden. I need you! I did plant some Scilla in other places. This also has leaves out. We think it is a Ziva paperwhite tossed out in 2014. I will refer back to this response when I find my next mystery bloom. I have planted both Puschkinia and various Scillas.

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