Bringing the Garden Inside

I can’t just leave my green babies outside to freeze!

So they come in every November.


Every fall I chant “Honey, I need a greenhouse.”


Mr. Flower’s response is, “Deary, you need fewer plants.”

What is a “plant mama” to do?


Every eastern or southern facing window has plants in it.


My workshop is a jungle.


My foyer is full.


I am not complaining, mind you.

Why else would there be a pink Hoya hanging among laundry?


My world is small, but it’s very green!





3 thoughts on “Bringing the Garden Inside

  1. i would love a greenhouse too and I dont even bring my plants indoors for the winter 😀. Your Mr. Flower sounds like my Mr. Surreyfarms. My daughter sent the whole family a meme recently with an image of a phone with the message “Mom, you don’t need any more plants.😀”

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