The Road Less Traveled

Sometimes I do not listen to Mr. Flower and it gets me in trouble.

As we were enjoying the views of Canyonlands from Island in the Sky visitors’ center , he pointed out a narrow road snaking down into the canyon. “Look at that car going down through there.” he would say as he pointed out a tiny moving speck.

I had paused and wondered, “What’s up with that road?”  It never occurred to me there was a plan involved.

I knew I was in trouble when he mounted the Go-pro camera on the dash of the truck.

Yes, folks. There is a video. I am thankful that most of my comments and squealing are not audible.

The road less traveled is Shafer Trail Road.

It zigzags perilously close to open canyon.

It was a thrilling trip down.

It was an adventure. I did get to see the Bighorn Sheep. I did get to see canyon rocks up-close.

I did get to see the Potash pits up close and take photos of potash crystals. (Future post)

I did learn to listen to Mr. Flower’s casual comments…once in a while.



14 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. I have traveled many roads like this out West. They were always thrilling. My husband is an adventurer and took roads that were almost impossible to travel. I am sure you are enjoying your wonderful trip.

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    1. I had no choice. I do laugh hysterically when I am scared. There was a lot of commentary as we traveled. The feature photo has me in the side view mirror. I claimed that was for insurance purposes. It really was fun, once I got past the fear.

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