Crazy Las Vegas

I took my camera to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens to photograph plants.


I should have known that this would include over-the-top displays like everywhere else.


Everything is bigger and brighter in Las Vegas.


Do not think that I was disappointed to find giant tigers and elephants.

I was just in shock and awe.  I was wide-eyed the whole evening.

I loved the life-sized fairy flying among  the colorful kalire.


The huge tigers had wagging tails.


The elephants nodded their heads.


The colorful trees were perches for giant peacocks.


There was a huge lamp large enough for a genie.


I guess the fox wanted to do some wishing.

This “Indian Summer” display was a bit overwhelming for the Flower.

I am happy to be back home where everything is life-sized and accurately colored.

One crazy day in Vegas was enough for Flow.

Stay tuned for a lot more of UTAH.


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