Balloons and Confetti

This vine is a party.


Its name is Cardiosperma halicacabum due to its seeds with hearts on them.

It has lovely tiny flowers that remind me of confetti.


It is grown for its pods that resemble balloons.


Each pod contains three seeds with a white heart on each.


I love this vine for its blooms, pods and seeds.



8 thoughts on “Balloons and Confetti

  1. In several states, including Texas, this is considered both invasive and noxious. It’s an introduced, pan-tropical plant that can threaten or kill out many native species. Recently, one of our wildlife refuges conducted a burn to get rid of a substantial stand of it.

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      1. I had to laugh — where they burned out the plant at the refuge, one of our prettiest natives (basket-flower) moved in and took over the spot. I’d never seen basket-flower there; it just needed an opportunity to flourish. I do love those seeds, though. They’re really attractive.


  2. The flowers remind me of those on a little Tradescantia I have as a houseplant. And the seeds look a bit like those of Cerinthe “Pride of Gibraltar,” although the white parts on those aren’t quite heart shaped. The flowers of that Cerinthe are little purple tubular things, and the leaves nearest the flowers are dark blue — a magical combination. Plants are amazing.

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