Have I Missed This Before?

I am beginning to wonder where I have been instead of present.

One of my favorite vines, Clerodendrum thomsoniae,  surprised me yesterday.

I found pods and seeds on it for the first time ever.

Have I just missed this every fall?  Or are these the first ever seeds?

The hearts of my bleeding heart vine have busted open with seeds.

I thought I was paying attention.

Maybe I was skiing instead of swimming.

That’s what I say when I am zooming across the surface instead of being submerged.

Could I really have missed bright red and black seed pods every year?

Have I been this busy?

It’s like missing a stop sign…red light…exit on a highway…

I must just tell myself, YOU SEE IT NOW.

Pay attention now!

I must have missed a few measures of music.  Keep playing.  Keep singing.

Look now.  Pay attention now.



7 thoughts on “Have I Missed This Before?

  1. Life sometimes gets so busy and hectic we miss much of what nature around us is displaying. I certainly miss a lot of the beauty of nature at times. So glad you discovered the seeds of your bleeding heart vine.

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