Four More Mountain Wildflowers

Here are four more of my favorites. Their beauty is sublte.

The first is in the snapdragon family Smooth False Foxglove/ Aureolaria laevigata.

It lives under oaks and its buds remind me of corn kernels.

This is two types of Spiked Lobelia/ Lobelia spicata.

The flowers are similar, but the arrangement varies.

The flowers have matured into fruit on this Partridgeberry/ Mitchella repens.

I love its creeping growth and brilliant red berries.

This Rattlesnake Plantain(Orchid)/ Goodyera pubescensΒ is loved for its leaves.

This plant has been collected for terrariums.

Never take a wild plant home. They have needs that you cannot meet.

Love them and leave them.

Wild Flow

9 thoughts on “Four More Mountain Wildflowers

    1. Nature has a hard time. I have made several sad discoveries that I have not shared. There is enough sadness. I do my best to not interfere, even when I really want to. The mama in me wants to save everything. (except weeds)

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      1. I know, my granddaughter arrived in tears today after seeing a Squirrel road kill this morning.. And yes, I even try avoiding destroying spiders webs while gardening and find my self apologising out loud to insects that I disturb.. πŸ™‚ Weeds now, well they are so plentiful and I am sure Mother Nature agrees, we should make room to self sustain ourselves with her bounty πŸ™‚


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