Named for Neck Color

I hope this is not an insult to the caterpillars. (“You talkin’ to me woman?”)

They are named for their yellow necks, Yellow-necked caterpillars(Datana ministra)

They appear every year on the same little oak.

I notice because the leaves disappear due to skeletonization. Which is a fancy way of saying everything is eaten but the veins.

I purposely disturb them just to watch them twitch.  They go into defense posture.

The adult moth is called the Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth.  Ho Hum!

It looks like a rolled brown leaf with a scalloped end.  I have never seen one in person.

The poor moth can’t live down its baby nickname.  Kind of like “Stinky” or “Tootie.”


21 thoughts on “Named for Neck Color

  1. Ha! I have just come indoors from admiring our new silver birch tree. I noticed a single leaf had been nibbled and on the leaf next door were 4 tiny green caterpillars ranged along on edge of the leaf. I touched the other edge…. 4 angry caterpillars reared up as one. I chose to leave them on their leaf. Maybe I should check on them early tomorrow though… This tree was a special gift; I can’t afford for the babies to eat the lot!

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  2. Love the way you describe some of nature’s creatures. Must laugh – because you seem to be enjoying yourself very much. Stinky and Tootie are quite funny. Looks like fun disturbing these creatures that eat your plants. Ho-Hum on the names for sure. Ha Ha

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      1. Was a school secretary on the Navajo Indian reservation for almost 2 decades. Without a sense of humor you cannot survive working with children. My favorite age group was 6th graders.

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      2. Yes, I guess I should write a book about my experience on the reservation. Have only written one book that I publishes – about caring for my brother who had dementia. Have written 3 books that I hope to publish someday.


      3. My daughter and granddaughter helped me publish my book on Amazon Kindle. It cost nothing – Amazon just takes a percentage of the sales. You need to find a friend in your area – smarter than I am at technology to publish your book. Will check out your blog on epilepsy. So sorry your daughter has that problem.


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