Dahlia Row

I usually do not plant in rows.

But I envisioned a bed of tall dahlias along this walkway through a hill.

I thought it would be great to look down on the blooms.

Snow Country Dahlia

Last fall I amended the soil with all the ingredients dahlias love…

compost from the kitchen, bunny poop and mushroom compost.

Firepot dahlia

I even topped them off with a special stinky concoction that included fish emulsion and Epsom salts.

They have grown wonderfully.

Thomas Edison dahlia

They were so beefy they needed extra staking.

I think my dahlias are happy in a row.

Don’t you?



10 thoughts on “Dahlia Row

  1. Beautiful. I think you created a perfect home for your Dahlias. I have not tried to grow them in this Arkansas clay soil, but they use to grow for me in the sandy soil of Arizona. Love the colors you planted.


    1. Thanks Peggy. The other dahlias scattered throughout the gardens have not done this well.
      Dahlias have their own requirements. That is why I decided to put them together. I will keep doing this. It is easier.

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      1. I started over with my flower planting when I moved. I moved from Arizona to Arkansas in the winter time. I find things that grew in the Arizona sand do not do good in this Arkansas clay soil.

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