Tiger Mother

I over-protect and over-expect when it comes to plants and people.

The results are not ideal.

My latest lesson involves my Tiger lilies ‘Splendens’.

Tiger Lilies ‘Splendens’

They were the only plants that bloomed last summer because the deer did not eat them..

I consider them a treasure because of this and their extreme beauty.

I over-protected the bulbs over the winter. I over-babied them all spring.

I finally let the poor little plants out into the garden in July.

They are way behind in growing and blooming.

The bulbils that were collected and planted have also been over-sheltered.

They have barely grown, yet two babies have produced bulbils of their own

which are actually growing roots while still attached.

Sort of reminds me of fast girls with strict mamas.

Will I ever get over the “overs”?

Tiger Mo Flow


3 thoughts on “Tiger Mother

  1. I guess we all over protect and over expect a lot in our life. Sometimes our garden and yard plants do better if we let them do their own thing. As for people – I try not to over-expect things from the busy people I encounter in my life. We are all different and far from perfect. Sorry to hear the deer eat so many of your plants. My garden is a shambles this year due to deer and raccoons. Very discouraging.

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    1. I discouraged the deer with all my tricks. We suspect a raccoon has been throwing down our hummingbird feeder after drinking its contents and possibly ate the fish in the smaller pond. The fight never ends here, but being a biologists, I do not mind nature winning once in a while. Thanks for the thoughtful comment Peggy.

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