The Blitz is Done!

I am hoping that some of you will be sad that my June blog blitz is over.

I myself am relieved to be done.

Now for the data.

Did posting every day run up my stats? Yes

Was it worth it? No

I felt like I was my own Flower Twitter tossing floral confetti out into cyberspace.

If this is what it takes to get an agent and publisher, I may have to pass.

I will be quiet and rest up for the FAIRY PARADE on Thursday, July 4th.

I will be going back to my usual two or three posts per week.

I hope you folks aren’t too awful disappointed.

Slower Flower

24 thoughts on “The Blitz is Done!

  1. I appreciated the gallery of blooms, but I don’t think I could survive daily posting, especially with a lot of photos. Taking them, tweaking them, and loading them into your WordPress Library — and that’s before you put the post together.


  2. When I “appear” to post every day, I haven’t really posted every day. I enjoy hitting the blog every 3 to 4 days to write and post but I schedule my posts so when I can’t post cyber does it for me.

    As for getting a “publisher” to see it…I doubt if they ever have the time. Very few people, let alone publishers, are on line when I’m on line. They’ll be counting zzzz’s. No, it’s not worth doing just to get an agent or publisher. I think word of mouth or “who you know” is about how it works.

    Have you googled your name or blog/book/writing themes? If you can keep your name on top of the google listings, that may help.

    Just enjoy what you do. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the much needed advice. I blitzed to get my “platform” numbers up before sending out my first set of query letters. I must include all my stats in my bio. The book I have written is not about gardening, it’s about epilepsy. Rose and I are at the top of “seizures” all ready. I will keep blogging and gardening, but no more blitzes. I did not enjoy it.

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    1. I appreciate hearing from you Knight. If my numbers are not good enough we will self publish and send our books to hospitals with epilepsy centers. That was the original plan. I just hate spending the money, but my time is valuable too.

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  3. Thanks Audrey. Now I am behind in so many other things. All parts of life must be kept in balance. This daily posting did not work for me. I am a reflective thinker that likes to mull over my ideas. Quality is more important than quantity. I am glad that I tried it, so I know that it is not sustainable for me.


  4. Goodness, I am not sure I saw all your posts! I applaud your dedication.
    Did someone give you a number to hit or something? Happy you are taking a break after all that. Relax Flower.


  5. I had no idea you were blitzing! Sorry to have missed it – I just don’t spend enough time either reading or writing. I will just echo your sentiment that posting every day is too much for mere mortals. I’m having a hard enough time to just write once a week! Glad you had time to be in your garden now that it’s over! 🙂

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      1. YES!! Don’t take your eyes of the politics, though… we need all sane minds to resist from looking away. Then speak your truth, and after that, self medicate with some gardening. Sigh… (Wish I could forego all that other stuff, but alas…)


      2. So depressing and shameful. I’m going to lay low this July 4th, and if I do anything at all, it will be with kindness, an open heart, and a discerning mind, separating myself from the evils that are happening. I certainly won’t fly a flag until someone else is in office. Fuck him and his tanks!

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