More Mystery Plants

We are composters.

All vegetable, fruit and egg remnants go into a bin to season.

Then that stinky concoction gets mixed with rabbit litter to amend the soil.

Seeds get inadvertently planted in the process.

Sometimes I leave these surprise plants.IMG_7001It makes for some interesting combinations.

I have a huge squash plant growing among the daylilies and iris.


I do not know what melon this is,


but the leaves are lovely so it gets to stay.


Sweet serendipity!



6 thoughts on “More Mystery Plants

      1. Yes love the soup made from it, I also add in chunks to curries to bulk out.. I usually freeze it in after cutting it into small pieces, its easy then to through in a dish or make soup..


  1. We don’t have a garden this year but last year I made several batches of butternut squash soup & froze enough for all winter. It is one of my favorites.

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