South Seas under Protection

I will put almost anything between the deer and my darling daylilies.

So my garden is beginning to resemble a junk yard.


This ‘South Seas’ bloomed amidst the mess.


I have a new method that has been working well and looks less messy.


I have been hanging a fence ring on a pole around the blooms.

It is high enough so the deer cannot stick their hungry heads down in it.

The grooves on the posts hold the rings in place so that they are not tossed out of the way by the bunch of munchers.

I found one ring thrown in the middle of my driveway by an overzealous eater!IMG_6381

I will be buying more posts today.

‘South Seas’ was worth all the trouble.


Don’t you agree?

Fighting Flower

7 thoughts on “South Seas under Protection

  1. I’m so glad that I just have slugs and snails to worry about! Though I remember my Mum having her tulips eaten by sheep and a cow demolishing her veggies!


      1. I spoke to soon…today I discovered the wood-pigeons eating the leaves on a young lilac. Didn’t know they would do that. So now I’ve hung a wind-chime in the lilacs branches…hope it scares them off!

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  2. Yes, South Seas is lovely. Glad you found a technique to keep the deer at bay. I’m a bit irritated at some rabbits at the moment. They love my dahlias.


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