The Be-headings

I discovered more damage during my morning rounds.

There were several be-headings in the garden.

Our deer herd has been back for a midnight snack.

Any stem outside a fence ring is in danger of ingestion.


This Whooperee daylily was totally decapitated.


I try to put barriers between the beasts and the blooms.


I hope the Deer Scram will help slow down the feasting.


How many flowers could I buy with the money I have spent to stop the deer?

June is not joyous.

It is the month of expensive battles.

Nature always wins the war.


I know this.

I just need one bloom to photograph.


Is that too much to ask from my hungry herd?



9 thoughts on “The Be-headings

  1. I am guessing that it was a deer which delicately nipped off all the buds on my old rose Maxima Alba. This would have been it’s first flowering year. Currently I have just a couple of brave buds still gamely trying. It’s fast grwoing but it will be a few years yet before it’s above deer height!


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