The Purpose of Flowers

The purpose of flowers is to attract a pollinator.

The prettiest and brightest get the most visits.

Some flowers also use aromas to attract a suitor.

So the eye-and-nose-candy flowers get bombarded by

creatures carrying pollen.

Then the pollen eats its way down the pistil to fertilize the eggs at the base.

The ovary ripens and enlarges.

The flower fades.

Its petals fall off. Its stem droops under the weight of the heavy ovary.

It will never be a flower again.

Now it is a big heavy fruit.

Ready for some predators to eat and hopefully poop out the seeds in a good spot.

So they can germinate and grow into little flowers.

To be pretty for a while.

Until some pollen comes and changes everything.

I may have to change my name.

I am done with the damn pollen.


11 thoughts on “The Purpose of Flowers

  1. Ha! I TOTALLY get where this is coming from… grrrrr! Great post, Becca. The parallels to our current political ongoings are both humorous and sinister. The only positive I can say is that social media has changed our habits so that here in the Western world, we as a specie have a lot less sex than we used to – thus less abortions. So I guess we have that going for us. But, good grief, sister – we need to mobilize, and do it fast. What is happening is ridiculous and scary. But, I think you just gave me the embryo (sorry!) to a potential new slogan. I’m only half way there, so please help me out if you can. It needs to include the words Patriarchal Pollination (or Pollinators). Ovaries against Patriarchal Pollination, or something like that… you get the idea!

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