Poppies and People

I have strong feelings about these flowers.


The seeds were a gift from an artist friend decades ago.

Bill Troutman  is no longer alive, but his poppies bloom each May to remind me of this wonderful man.

The blooms remind me of Bill, but the pods remind me of how people ruin things.


Opium can now be produced synthetically, by-passing the poppy.

Some places still use this plant’s sap to produce the drug.


Humans make the drug. Poppies are just plants.

They do what plants are supposed to do. Make flowers and seeds.

I love these poppies.


Poppies don’t make opium, people do.




9 thoughts on “Poppies and People

  1. I saved seeds last year and planted them this year and none of them came up. I was so disappointed. I don’t know what I did wrong. They were beautiful last year.

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  2. My poppies came from a local arboretum. I had never seen anything like them and went into the office to ask what they were and the employee gave me some seeds. I have grown them every year and they always remind me of the kindness of a gardener.

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