The Pansy Run in the Rain

On the coldest, rainiest day last week I could not stand the emptiness any longer.

Yes, I was alone again, but I am not talking about an empty house.

It was all those empty pots.

Their yawning maws were calling me every time I walked by.

I had tried to find the right pansies numerous times in the past month. I need a pretty face you see.

So on this dreary day, I ventured out to yet another location to scrounge for plants.

I stood in the pouring rain and carefully selected each six-pack of pansies (one viola).

When I finally brought my flat to the check-out, I was soaked and dripping.

The check-out person had obviously been watching my pansy picking.

“You must have really needed some pansies today.” she said as she checked me out.

“It was an emergency.” was my reply.


I feel a “Pine Needle Run” coming on next week.


I hope I won’t have to do that in the rain, too.





11 thoughts on “The Pansy Run in the Rain

  1. More rain is headed our way…again. I guess I will do another post on a book.
    Now I can look out and enjoy wet pansies from inside in the dry.
    I weeded several hours in the mud today. At least the sun was shining.
    Thanks for commenting. I always like to hear from you.

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