What is a Chrismon?

The term Chrismon is a combination of two words, Christ and Monogram.

The original Chrismon ornaments were designed by Frances Kipps Spencer in 1957.

She gave her designs to Ascension Lutheran Church of Danville Virginia.

The original designs are patented.  I am not sure which of the ornaments shown are official “Chrismons.”

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Troutman, North Carolina has the most beautiful Chrismon tree that I have ever seen.

Years ago I was involved  in making some of these ornaments with our pastor’s wife, Rosalind.

We drove to an official Chrismon supply store. The special wire was cut, the beads were counted. These were not the buy-by-the-bag materials. The beads had names and numbers.  Templates had to be followed with precision.  Each had its own list of materials.

I was more of a glitter and glue girl back then.(Still am.) I only completed ONE ornament, and that took several weeks.

When you see a Chrismon tree in a Lutheran church.


Take a closer look.  The details of these ornaments have meaning. Some include the secret symbols of early Christians.  Greek letters have meanings, also. The gold represents majesty and the white stands for purity.


Cross and Crown
Serpent lifted up
Communion Chalice, Christ’s blood
Grains and the cross
Bell, God’s word
Butterfly, resurrection
Alpha Omega, beginning and end
Lamp, light, word of God
Rose, Virgin Mary

I always look forward to seeing this tree in our lovely sanctuary.

Along with our Nativity scene waiting for the baby to arrive.



8 thoughts on “What is a Chrismon?

  1. What a beautiful tree, And I loved the decorations and their meanings.. Made with such love and care..
    I trust your own Christmas was a Joyous one my friend, The close ups so clear…
    Many thanks for your support over 2018, Sending you well wishes and love for the New Year..
    Happy New Year to you… ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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