Life Comes to You

I was expecting a quiet and lonely day today.

I even slept a little late, thinking I would not miss anything by sleeping in.

But sometimes life comes to you.

I turned on my computer to find a message from “Another Mother” half a world away.

I have another blog you see.

Her crying made me cry.  I messaged my family, especially Rose.

Then there was all this noise. Chain saws?

I looked out my window to see a man high in a tree.


The memories flooded back to the days I climbed trees.

I can remember being high up in an oak looking at the moon.

Me up a tree. Those were the days.

So as I write this, there is a lot of noisy action going on next door.


Quiet and lonely?

I have a new friend in Vietnam and an acrobat performing out my window.


Glad I got out of bed.

I would have hated to miss all this.




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