You Go On Ahead

If you walk in the woods with me, plan on walking alone.

While you are getting your heart rate up, I will be bending down to examine red berries.


You will jump over this log, but I will stop to admire a fungi castle on top, among a forest of moss.


You will be looking strait ahead , but I will look down to watch a woolly worm wiggle across my path.


You will quickly round this curve in the trail,  I will pause to wave at a big old rock that is smiling at me.


You will loudly stroll by these stones, but I know a troll lives here, so I will I tiptoe past quietly.


You will avoid muddy spots , but I  will closely to examine them for prints of the claws of my other friends.


When you see this tree, you will frown at this hole in the trunk,

but I will smile because I know that it is a door to a fairy’s home.


So you go on ahead,

I will be behind you


enjoying all the wonders that you missed as you hurried past.

FLOW (Moseying through the Mountains)

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