My New Weed

There has been a new invader into my all ready weedy habitat.

Its scientific name is Phyllanthus urinaria.


Common names include chamber bitter, gripe weed, leaf flower and little mimosa.

I suspect it arrived hidden in a bale of pine needles.  Sneaky little weed.

It looks like tiny mimosa trees. Its little leaflets close when touched.

It has seed pods on the underside of the stems.


I have been manually removing it until my fingers cramp.

This is what I have been doing instead of watching the constant updates

on hurricane Florence.

I am an ostrich. I can only take so many models and forecasts.

According to the MAN, Florence is tremendously big and tremendously wet.  Hmmmm?

I will wait in the weeds, bitter and griping.




8 thoughts on “My New Weed

  1. I have a lovely crop of Chamberbitter. Are you to the point “why don’t they just come out and say they don’t frikkin know what Florence is going to do”? Are you home? Stay safe, this, too shall pass.


  2. I had to look up the meaning and derivation of its name…

    Phyllanthus from the Greek ‘phyllon’ meaning a leaf and ‘anthos’ meaning a flower; referring to some foreign species where the flowers grow on the edges of dilated leaf-like branchlets.

    Urinaria–the urine bladder.

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