I have spent some time out of my comfort zone this week.

FLOW has been schooled, but not fooled.

I have tried numerous times to share a bit of information

that may be of use to the USA.

Like a good citizen.

These exchanges could have been mutually beneficial, but weren’t.

The first young woman kept sending me in circles and telling me to do things that I had all ready tried.

Tell me Melish, was it my age or my accent that lead you to believe that I could not use the internet as well as you?

I finally had to inform Melish that the office she kept recommending had been closed since February of 2015.

Then there was Jo.  I guess I had consumed more coffee than she yesterday morning.

She interrupted me to let me know that I did not have to spell everything for her.

I was not using the NATO Phonetic Spelling just the regular alphabet.

What a Charlie Foxtrot!

I think it would be more likely to get help from an alien force.

If you comment on this post, do not expect a quick response.

I will be outside building a signal fire and arranging glow in the dark rocks to spell out

Sierra Oscar Sierra


8 thoughts on “USA vs. UFO

  1. Many of us feeling the frustration you speak of my friend… We may only be likened to the ‘Weeds’ within our gardens by the powers that be.. But we both know Weeds are prolific and will keep on growing ever stronger and we shall one day over take the plot.. ❤ love and warm wishes your way… Power to the People in the Know!… ❤

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