Get Your Ghetto On!

Why wait to get just the right garden accessory when a piece of trash will do the trick?

Blown glass watering balls with broken stems on the tops of plant stakes to prevent impalement.

I feel sorry for folks who have HOA’s (Home Owner Associations) dictating what is allowed in their yard.

Squiggly plant stake as a handrail beside the step. Nice and sturdy!  Not code though.

Out here in the middle of nowhere, we can slap up any implement in our yards.

Plant support rings hung up for a trellis extension. Vines growing through hoops.  

I feel sorry for folks of suburbia, all stifled by rules of respectability and what-not.

Chop sticks protect passers-by from the mean cactus.

I love my ghetto garden.  Anything goes.

No dog? No problem. This dish is perfect to hold extra water for this thirsty vine.

Reuse and recycle.   Go Ghetto!  (No offense.)

Go with the FLOW


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