Quashing the Squash Bugs

I am beginning to hate squash.

I love fried squash and squash casseroles,

but I am having to work too hard to save my squash plants.

Every day I go out to the garden with my jug of soapy water .

I first look for all the patches of copper eggs.

These may be on the tops or undersides of the leaves.

Sometimes the tricky, yucky bugs even lay eggs on the flowers.

I rub these off with soapy fingers and dip my hand into the jug.

Then I search the stems for copulating adults.

I chase them down and throw them with disgust into the jug to drown.

The last task is to chase down all the youngins’ (nymphs)

and smash them between my soapy fingertips.

These little bugs may be green or gray depending on their stage.

They move in groups like a gangs of tiny thugs.

I really don’t like squash enough to keep this up…

unless there is a recipe that includes chocolate!

Quashing the Squash bugs is not worth it unless some chocolate is involved.


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