Losing the Game

I have shared part of this story before.

I am retelling it now because of the mama deer and twin fawns

that were photographed by my neighbor’s critter cam.

When I was a science teacher, I was required to take workshops and classes to renew my teaching license every five years.

One of the workshops that I took was called Project Wild.

It was full of activities to help students understand nature and ecology.

The teachers played some of the games to get familiar with them.

The game that I remember most was a survival game.

Each participant drew a card with the name of the animal they would play

along with the types and amounts of food it would require to survive.

I was a mama bear with twins. My list of requirements was long.

All the “resource” cards were tossed in the middle of our big circle outside on the lawn.

A clock was started and we all had to quickly forage for the right kinds and amounts of foods.

When the clock stopped. We all counted our cards.

The “winners” had gotten enough food and water to survive.

The “losers” died.


My bear family didn’t survive. I felt guilt and sorrow.

There were not enough resources and too much competition.

I wonder if all the winners remember that game as much as the losers do?

I had done my best and failed, not just for me, but for my twins, also.

That mama deer ate every daylily bud and bloom. She ate every hosta leaf in my yard.

They will all grow back next season, but those fawns needed food NOW to live.


Maybe if everyone played games like that, and lost, we would all have more empathy.

I have gladly sacrificed my flora for those two fauna.




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