The Third ‘Top Three’

So far I have shared two of my ‘Top Three’ plants.

Here is number three, blooming while all others are wilting.

It is named Eucomis/ Pineapple lily.

I used to dig them up and haul them in for the winter.

I left this bunch out this year.


They look the happiest they have ever been.

I will still dig up a few to keep “in stock” just in case there is a really, cold wet winter.

The blooms are tiny flowers in rows along a central column.


Florets open from the bottom first. Each array of blooms if topped by a tuft of leaflets.


The effect as a whole makes the blooms resemble tall, skinny pineapples.


Easy care, late bloomer.

No wonder it is one of my ‘Top Three’.

I do have a smaller type of Eucomis  in pots, named  ‘Aloha’, which is not blooming yet.



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