Hang On!

I try not to share sadness. There is too much in this world all ready.

This is a sad date for my family.

A past tragedy has cluttered my thoughts all day.

Then I saw this.


If you are sad.  Hang on!

If you are sick.  Hang on!

Reaching out with faith.

Held up by a splinter and a tiny tendril.


My vines are teaching me life lessons again.

Bless them.



5 thoughts on “Hang On!

  1. I am sorry to hear that this a sad time. My garden gives me simplicity when human problems are complicated. It is what it is, doing its best to survive. There are moments of joy and discovery to help us through the hard times. Sending much love. x


    1. Thank you my friend. The day was a difficult one past and present. I am feeling a bit off balance. My garden usually comforts me, but as you will see by my next post, deer are consuming my flowers. It has been a shock this morning. I will take photos after I calm my self.


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