Wet Lilies

I know I should not complain about the rain.

After all it does bring out the Rainlilies.

Zephyranthus robustus

Another name for these is Fairy lily/ Zephyranthus robustus.

My daughters lily garden is starting to show blooms and buds are blushing.

A new daylily, Moonlit Masquerade is the first to bloom this year.

Moonlit Masquerade daylily

Its my shoes that are the problem. This North Carolina red clay sticks to everything.

I have run out of dry shoes. My shoe basket by the door is full.

I may be forced to go shoe-shopping. Poor me.




9 thoughts on “Wet Lilies

  1. Wash your shoes! i have shoes with red Georgia clay in my garage (my husband’s) the clay has been on them for at least 8 years, he still says he will clean them!! I’m not. Your Rain Lilies look different from mine, willpost pictures when they open, it is too overcast!

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    1. Excuse me Suds Queen. My shoes are muddy and wet. I do not wear wet shoes. If I wash them, they will be clean and wet. I do not wear wet shoes. I don’t care to get a funky foot fungus. I guess you don’t get those in flip flop Florida.


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