Shopping During a Storm

yI know, I complained about them last spring in “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.”

Maybe they have changed…or I have changed.

My plan was to cut some of each type of flower to bring into the house.

My mother was coming.   She cannot walk the gardens anymore,

so I wanted her to see the blooms up close by bringing them in.

I have those eleven vases, you see.

My daughter and I went shopping on Friday evening.  A violent storm hit while we were away.

Hundreds of my flowers were beaten down by the rain and wind.

Instead of cutting flowers for my vases on Saturday morning, I was cutting them to clean up.

By Saturday evening, only a few iris were left.  There were a few Columbine stems.

The only flowers worth their weight were those double peonies.

The very one that I complained about staking last spring.

Bowed, but held in the storm.

They filled one vase the iris another and that was enough.

Sometimes it takes just the right flower.

Not the large number, just a few.

Like friends.

Worth their weight in gold when you need them.

My apologies to my new friend the Duchess de Nemours Peony.



8 thoughts on “Shopping During a Storm

  1. Lovely and simple! Wondering if you have a secret for dealing with ants on your peonies for when you bring them into the house?


      1. And the flowers don’t suffer? Hmmm…thanks for the tip! I have avoided peonies so far here in our NC garden, but with this bit of advice I plan to re-consider them!

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  2. Oh, I love ‘Duchess de Nemours!’ I moved mine this winter as it was planted under a tree. It has not only forgiven me, but rewarded me with more buds than ever. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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